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Celebrate 25 years of RESPRO at RESPRO25!


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Since this is a CASUAL AFFAIR, leave the suits at home.

You are encouraged to wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, cowboys boots, etc.

Extend your time in Nashville and bring your family for a pre or post mini vacation!



August 29, 2018

10:00a - 3:00p
RESPRO Board Meeting

Griffin F


3:30p – 5:00p

Opening General Session
Symphony CD

The Future of Real Estate and AfBAs

Past RESPRO chairs will discuss the future of Affiliated Business Arrangements (AfBAs).


5:30p - 7:00p 
Cocktail Reception
Butler Snow Office Building

150 3rd Ave S Suite 1600, Nashville, TN 37201

Sponsored by: Butler Snow


August 30, 2018

8:00a – 9:15a

Welcome Breakfast
Symphony EF

Sponsored by: Old Republic


9:30a - 11:45a

Breakout Sessions


9:30a – 10:30a

Simple Geometry: The Intersection of Sections 8(c)(4) and 8(c)(2)

Symphony A
Learn how recent developments in case law, enforcement actions and the regulatory environment impact affiliated business arrangements and their payments for goods, facilities and services. The panelists will discuss various types of arrangements and provide practical tips for implementing them. 


1031 Exchanges: Creating a Win-Win for You, your Partners and your Customers
Symphony B

This session will briefly review what a 1031 like-kind exchange is and how they changed under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed in December. We will also look at how 1031 exchanges can be used as a value-added service to build long-term relationships with your customers and create more referrals, transactions and profit for both the title and real estate partners. 


The Changing Face of Fraud
Harpeth I & II
Wire fraud is an industry epidemic that can hit in a moment’s notice.  These speakers will pack this session with recent fraud statistics, a review of the litigation landscape involving wire fraud losses, a dissection of how cyber frauds start and best practices to keep you and your customers safe


10:30a - 10:45a
Coffee Break

Symphony Foyer

Sponsored by; HomeServices of America


10:45a – 11:45a

So, after the PHH Decision on RESPA, does anything go?  NOT SO FAST!
Symphony A

While the Court decision on PHH tells us the CFPA got it wrong about RESPA, an enlightened approach to setting up and executing advertising, office subleases, event sponsorships and other services arrangements among settlement providers remains critical for compliance.  This session will highlight how industry players are effectively pursuing services relationships, valuing activities, establishing agreements, verifying work completed and making payments.  Participants will take away important Do's and Dont's and proven practices for defending these arrangements with Regulators.


Business Building Strategies
Symphony B

This program will focus on events and activities proven to grow your business. We will discuss the habits that should be developed and incorporated into your daily workflow. During this session, we will explore ways to engage your entire team to drive business and achieve your goals. We will focus on how to build and retain a solid client base.


  • Jenny Isgett, First Vice President, National Account Executive, Corporate Business Development,Old Republic National Title Insurance Company  
  • John Clark, Vice President | Old Republic National Title Insurance Company | National Sales Trainer | National Shared Success Program


Ins and Outs, Do's and Don'ts and Rights and Wrongs of MSAs, AAs and Roses by Other Names
Harpeth I & II

The BCFP’s dismissal of the PHH case has reopened the field for marketing service agreements, advertising agreements and other marketing initiatives aimed at landing cash in the hands of referral sources.  These arrangements are flourishing, and regulators have ramped upon their attention to such arrangements. The presenters will share best practices for compliant arrangements that will withstand scrutiny.

12:00n - 1:15p


Symphony EF


 Avocado Toast for One, Please

Jessica Lautz Managing Director of Survey Research and Communication of National Association of Realtors will discuss the millennial and generational trends

  • Jessica LautzManaging Director of Survey Research and Communication, National Association of Realtors  (NAR)


1:30p - 4:00p
Breakout Sessions


1:30p – 2:30p

What's New With AfBAs?

Symphony A

This session will discuss new regulatory and judicial developments concerning affiliated business arrangements, including a recent decision in Georgia impacting lender referrals to affiliated appraisal management companies, [and other developments TBD].


Fair Lending Landscape & Landmines
Symphony B

Be a FAIR lender! Hear the latest developments and pitfalls concerning unfair lending. Pick up practical tips about managing your risk through compensation and pricing plans, monitoring, testing and more.


Using Technology to Generate and Cultivate Consumer Leads:  RESPA and State Licensing Considerations

Harpeth I & II
As consumers rely on technology to search for real estate and complete a real estate transaction, real estate brokerage companies and mortgage lenders are looking for new ways to capture customer leads and cultivate those leads in cost-effective ways.  This program will focus on how to buy and sell a consumer lead in compliance with RESPA.  We also will explore how the cooperative broker exception to Section 8 of RESPA is often an important component of customer lead arrangements between real estate brokers and third-party technology companies that capture real estate leads and/or provide information and assistance to consumers searching to list or purchase real estate.  Finally, we will discuss how state real estate or mortgage loan originator licensing requirements are implicated both for the technology company cultivating consumer leads and the real estate brokerage or mortgage company compensating the technology company for those services.  

  • Phil Schulman, Esq., Partner, Mayer Brown
  • Holly Spencer Bunting, Esq., Partner, Mayer Brown


2:30p – 3:00p

Networking Break

Symphony Foyer

Sponsored by: Fidelity



Breakout Sessions


TRID 2.0: One Month Left

Symphony A
TRID 2.0 becomes mandatory on October 1, 2018. Are you prepared to comply with all of the rule's substantial and detailed changes? Have you worked through the many new and challenging interpretations described in the rule's preamble? Do you know what issues are coming up in examinations? Also learn about the Black Hole fix issued this spring. Learn from the experts, including the former CFPB Senior Counsel & Special Advisor who led the original final rule. 


RESPA Best Practices under a New CFPB and State Mini-CFPB Regime

Symphony B

While reports have tended to paint the CFPB as docile under its new leadership, the RESPA statute itself remains unchanged, and recent federal enforcement proceedings and activity by States Attorney Generals remind us of the importance of continued compliance by industry.  This session will discuss best practices in this in this environment and the areas in which regulators appears to be most interested.


The New EU (General Data Protection Regulation) and You! 
Harpeth I & II

Find out what GDPR is, how it will impact you and the potential impact it will have on (I) forming US policies and regulations on privacy; (ii) advancing blockchain and potentially (iii) hindering artificial intelligence.


You Don't Need to Advertise a Good Party: How to Stay Relevant, Innovate & Crush the Competition


 (* view 1-Minute Keynote Speaking "Sizzle Reel" can be viewed here: www.closesimple.com/billsvoboda)
It seems we are constantly besieged by headlines about the digitization of the mortgage transaction, blockchain, consumer-to-consumer transactions & artificial intelligence disrupting the real estate industry. Change is coming, so as we look to make transactions more efficient and digitize processes through innovation, it is important to realize there’s still the need for human connections and interactions. New technologies and homebuyer demands are shifting the needs of your customers, so how can you stay ahead of so much change?

In this session I'll outline 3 things that you should be doing to embrace innovation, while delivering an exceptional customer experience worth talking about in 2018 and beyond. 


4:15p - 5:15p
Closing General Session

Symphony CD

Growing Your Business Even When the Playing Field Isn't Even

How do you compete when unethical competitors create an unbalanced playing field? This session will share ethically-grounded, proven growth strategies that will enable you to make up that difference while playing the game fair and square, covering topics such as: 

* Adjusting to an environment in which some players choose to "look the other way" 
* Increasing business from current clients, cementing the relationship, and obtaining valuable referrals
* Integrating training and development strategies that ensure operations employees follow the rules 
* Defining and communicating how you are different from your competitors within the marketplace
* Succeeding through building relationships, and not just "closing deals" 


5:30p - 6:30p

PAC Reception

Symphony Foyer

Open to individuals contributing to RESPROPAC, a voluntary, non partisan PAC that helps elect and re-elect Members of Congress who understand the vital role that our members play in the home buying and financing marketplace.  You must purchase a minimum of 1 raffle ticket to attend.  Door prizes will be drawn at 6:00p.  You don't have to be present to win.

6:30p - 9:00p

25th Anniversary Dinner Party

Symphony EF


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