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Preliminary Program



Monday, April 9, 2018


12:00p – 5:00p
RESPRO Board Meeting

(Open to RESPRO Board Members)



Cocktail Reception


Tuesday, April 10, 2018


7:45a -8:45a


Opening General Session
How Washington Will Affect You in 2018 and  Beyond – Tax, housing, regulations, and other policies that will shape our industry now and in the future

  •  Lindsey Johnson, President and Executive Director USMI
  •  Ken Trepeta, President and Executive Director, RESPRO
  •  Speaker TBA


10:00a – 10:30a
Coffee Break


10:30a – 11:45p
Concurrent Workshops


Business Strategies Track
Marketing Technology Transformation in the Age of Compliance

The digital disruption of the mortgage and real estate industries was sparked by the growing needs of tech-savvy consumers along with regulatory enforcement from the CFPB.  As these industries rapidly embrace new technology, it is imperative that organizations ensure their marketing technology meets the demanding needs of regulators.  Learn what makes up the keep components of a modern marketing stack and a strategic approach for launching an omni-channel marketing strategy that you are comfortable defending with regulators in the case of an audit.  Understand how modern marketing technology has streamlined compliance tracking and allowed referral partners to place more confidence in their joint marketing efforts

  • Joe Welu, Founder & CEO, Total Expert


AfBA Strategies Track
Your Agent and Consumer Data – Should It Benefit You and Your Affiliates or Outside Interlopers?

Imagine having the actionable intelligence to accurately provide a buyer with customized mortgage product details before they even ask or to know when a seller is on the verge of listing and where they want to move.  What about being able to tell your agent the exact moment they should contact a pact client in order to capture their business and create a perfect consumer engagement?  While all of this information and date would be highly valuable to brokerages and affiliates, we are currently giving it away or allowing it be siphoned off by third partiers, MLSs and others, only to be used to build and market tools and products to see back to the very providers of that data!

Agent and Consumer “Behavioral and Performance” data is generated each and every time our agents and consumers interact with us on our platforms and the knowledge gathered from these interactions is and will continue to be the next big thing in real estate.  Brokerage and Affiliates have an opportunity to capitalize on this data or repeat the same mistakes and suffer the same consequences from when they gave away control of their listing data to the national portals.  Access to and control of this data should rest with Brokerages and Affiliates so it can be utilized by them and their trusted partners to create highly personal and successful agent and consumer engagement.

  • Christian Kelly, Sr. Counsel, HomeServices of America, Inc
  • Speaker TBA


Regulatory Compliance Track
What the (PHH Decision /Zillow case/new CFPB director/fill in the blank development) Means For Your Joint Marketing, MSA’s and Office Lease Arrangements
“CFPB is under new leadership, but interpretation and enforcement of RESPA’s anti-kickback provisions isn’t going away. In particular, relationships among settlement service providers based on RESPA’s 8 (c)(2) “GOODS, FACILITIES and services PROVIDED” exception remains a fluid topic under intense scrutiny.  Learn how the dramatic changes in Washington at CFPB as well as lawsuits (such as PHH), Consent Orders (such as Prospect Mortgage) and investigations (such as Zillow) impact your MSA’s, web-marketing, joint marketing, office leases and other arrangements premised on the 8 (c)(2) exception.

  • Phil Schulman, Esq., Mayer Brown, LLP
  • Brian Levy, Esq., Katten Temple
  • Loretta Salzano, Esq., Partner, Franzen & Salzano


12:00p -1:30p

  • Patrick Stone – Chairman and CEO Williston Financial Group

1:45p -2:45p
Concurrent Workshops


Business Strategies Track
How Your Client’s Dream Home  Can Turn Into A Nightmare

An Interactive session where we show real-life examples of unrecorded property debt, open permits, code violations, boundary issues, and ask for participation from the audience to determine what is wrong with the property based off of a photograph. Once the problem is determined we will go over underlying issues that happen every day in this industry that could be avoided by utilizing different services. We will uncover the reality of what a title report doesn't pull, and take a deeper dive into the value behind the services offered by PropLogix, including a few new product launches.  We will discuss how protecting a company as well as the client is the number one priority. Knowing someone is liable for all claims is incredibly important as well as understanding any risk factors involved (including the gap period).

  • Becky Tassell, Marketing Director, PropLogix
  • Chip Carlton, Business Development Manager, PropLogix


AfBA Strategies Track
CFPB Enforcement and Technology Monitoring Expectations for AfBAs
This workshop will discuss what new technology tool the CFPB wants AfBAs to implement in Affiliated Business Arrangements based on the Meridian Title Consent Order.  The Consent Order touched briefly on the use of technology will provide critical information all companies should be aware of as it pertains to monitoring AfBA disclosure forms in real time.  We will provide an in depth look at the use of software compliance monitoring overlay systems and how this technology will help your company stay compliant as these software systems enter the marketplace.  The impact of software compliance & business productivity overlay technology into today’s regulatory and business environment.  This will be one o the most important informational sessions you attend this year.

  • Marx Sterbcow, Esq., , Managing Attorney, Sterbcow Law Group
  • Francis “Trip” Riley, Esq., Partner, Saul Ewing
  • Moderator: Charles “Chuck” Cain, Esq., EVP-Agency Development, WFG National Title Insurance Company


Regulatory Compliance Track
Coming Storms – Risks to Watch
State enforcement risk in the new federal administration – risks of increased state enforcement activity in light of the rollback of CFPB and other federal enforcement under the Trump administration; AML/BSA risk – red flags for potential fraudulent transactions and other risks for 2018 and beyond.

  • Soyong Cho, Esq., Partner, K&L Gates
  • Speaker TBA


2:45p – 3:15p
Networking Break

3:30p -4:30p
Concurrent Workshops


Business Strategies Track
Escrow Fraud: A Day in the Life of Escrow Fraud

  • Ira Victor, Digital Forensic Practitioner, DiscoveryTechnician


Regulatory Compliance Track
ROOM FOR RENT.......Anyone?  How to Value an Office Sublease for RESPA Compliance

This Session will cover the Do's and Don'ts for establishing a "General Market Value" for an Office Sublease or Desk Rental, in accordance with prior HUD guidance and current Regulatory practices.  Participants will understand why "Pulling Comps" is not enough and that the proper Valuation of Amenities and Services beyond Square Footage Leased is a Critical Component for Compliance.

  •  Mark Meyer, Founder & CEO, MLinc
  •  Phil Schulman, Esq., Partner, Mayer Brown, LLP
  •  Charles Irsch, Partner,  MLinc


Regulatory Compliance Track
TRID: Now and Forever
This workshop will explore the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s recent Final Rule amending the Truth in Lending/RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID), which must be implemented by no later than October 1, 2018.  This session will address the most significant changes made by the Final Rule as well as certain changes that were sought but not made, and provide an update on the status of efforts to close the so-called “Black Hole.”

Panelists will discuss, among other changes made by the Rule, those concerning the treatment of cooperatives, coverage of loans to trust, the partial exemption for housing assistance loans, construction and construction/permanent loans, privacy concerns, written list of providers, total of payments, property taxes, interest rate locks, and the calculating cash to close table.  They will also address important issues that remain outstanding, including liability for violations, cure provisions and disclosures requirements for simultaneous lenders/owners title insurance premiums.  And they will answer questions about the Black Hole, such as what is it, how did it come to exist, how did the CFPB first propose to fix it, why did it choose not to do so, how does its new proposal differ from the prior one, and what are the prospects for adoption of the new proposal.

  • Robert Jaworski, Partner, Reed Smith, LLP
  • Jay Varon, Esq., Partner, Foley & Lardner, LLP
  • Jennifer Keas, Eq., Partner, Foley & Lardner, LLP


PAC Reception


Open Night in Phoenix


Wednesday, April 11, 2018


7:30a – 9:00a
Enhanced Continental Breakfast


9:00a – 11:15p
Concurrent Workshops


9:00a – 10:00a

Business Strategies Track
Smart Strategies for Buying a
nd Using Cyber Insurance
Hardly a day goes by without news of a new cyber-attack.  Less reported – but equally concerning – are coverage denials under cyber insurance policies for losses that were plainly caused by computer hackers.  For the insured, which either did not obtain coverage or had to fight to get coverage, they may have felt like that got hacked twice: first by an internet criminal and then by a coverage denial that obliterated the policy and left them wondering whether they really bought cyber-insurance coverage.  With the lessons learned in this presentation, however, it foes not have to be that way for you

  • Derek E Diaz, Esq., Partner, Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP
  • Andrew Agati, Esq., Partner, Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP
  • Speaker TBA


AfBA Strategies Track
If You Build It, Will They Come? How to Increase Your Capture Rate
The average “capture rate” for affiliated services is 26.3%, but some have surpassed and almost doubled the average performance. This interactive workshop will explore ways to develop and fine-tune techniques you can use to bolster your mortgage and title capture rates.

  • Speaker TBA
  • Speaker TBA


Regulatory Compliance Track
Recent CFPB Consent Orders, Enforcement Actions, and Investigations That Have Title Industry Implication and Their Impact in the Current CFPB Environment
Deep dive into CFPB recent Consent Order, Investigations and Enforcement Actions, including Meridian Title Corporation, Zillo and Wells Fargo, that will shed light on what impact they are having or will have in light of the current environment at the CFPB.

  • Francis “Trip” Riley, Esq., Partner, Saul Ewing
  • Phil Schulman, Esq., Partner, Mayer Brown, LLP


10:15a – 11:15a

Business Strategies Track
BlockChain – It’s Here!

There are inherent risks with any business, but the real estate industry seems to be exceedingly susceptible to cyber crime and fraud. As a result, there were many changes implemented in the industry, including increased regulation leading to cumbersome policies and procedures around the handling of NPI and funds. Despite our industries best efforts and significant expenditure of time and money, we are still struggling with how to prevent losses from defalcations, data breaches and wire fraud.  There are several points of vulnerabilities which means there must be more than one remedy. To prevent fraud we must: (i) train and educate our employees; (ii) educate realtors and the consumer; (iii) implement technologies that increase transparency while safeguarding Non-Public Personal Information. This session will discuss the particular vulnerabilities that exist and the means to counter them.  (Blockchain, MITM Attacks, WiFi, Etc.)

  • Ashley Cook, CEO, Zoccam


AfBA Strategies Track
Collaborating for the Future of ABAs

“A group of brains coordinated in a spirit of harmony will provide more thought energy than a single brain, just as a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery.”—Napoleon Hill.


Join us in this interactive workshop to identify new and unique ways that RESPRO® and its members can communicate the benefits and viability of one-stop shopping to federal/state policymakers and the public in the face of continued misrepresentations by critics and increased discriminatory treatment by regulators.


  • Lynette Hale-Lee, Regional Vice President – Western US, Wintrust
  • Speaker TBA


Regulatory Compliance Track
Fair Lending Landscape and Landmines
Learn how the regulatory landscape is changing and its impact on you. The panelists will address where examiners are looking and what they expect from you. Learn practical tips to implement or improve your fair lending plan.

  •  Loretta Salzano, Esq., Partner, Franzen & Salzano
  •  Carnesha Craft, Esq., VP-Compliance Assistant Corporate Counsel, HomeServices Mortgage


11:30a – 12:30p
Closing General Session
The Future of AfBAs and Real Estate

In RESPRO’s Closing General Session, you’ll hear from a cross-industry panel of the nation’s most successful executives of diversified companies about why affiliated businesses are here to stay – and what real estate, mortgage, and title/settlement service businesses need to do to adapt to the changing economy and regulatory environment.


  • Richard Rector- Past Owner - Realty Executives
  • Rosey Koberlein, President & CEO, Long Realty Company (Invited)
  • Duffy Hanna, President,  Barrister Land Title Company (Invited)
  • Gerard Griesser, CEO, Fox & Roach Realtors, a HomeServices Company  (Invited)


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